Carrot (2009, CG Animation)
(MAya Award 2009 (winner))

Be careful when getting a lunch ;)


Cheese (2007, CG Animation)
(CG Excelence Award 2007 (nominated); Animatu 2007 (screened); Anim'est 2007 (screened); View Award 2007 (screened); MyToons Bust In & Win (finalist); AniBoom Award 2007 (finalist); Hiroshima International Film Festival 2008 (screened); Istanbul International Children's Film Festival 2008 (screened))

Who can resist sweet smell of cheese? especially, when you are a mouse Ö Just, must have it!

'Cheese' is based around the simple idea of greediness. The mouse, the main character of story, is smart but greedy. Some people think that he is just a stupid mouse, but he is not. He knows there is a trap waiting for him, and he knows how to cheat it to get what he wants.
But even then, cheating the trap is just not enough. Even after he achieved his goal and he is really full, so full that he canít even walk, he must have every last bit...

Fishin' Impossible (2006, Classical Animation)

Secret worm-agent (007) is on his secret underwater mission (F.I.S.H.)

Bedtime Story (2006, Flash)

Mom is reading bedtime story to her son and his imagination comes to live

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